Inclusion Workshops

Toby Karten offers Inclusion workshops and courses, on-site, off-site at conferences, colleges, and invited public and private venues across the United States and to international communities. School districts, universities, leadership training programs, educational, family, and private organizations and corporations can contact Toby for specific arrangements and recommendations. Honorariums vary dependent upon number of presentation days, length, audience size, and resources offered. 

Inclusion Professional Development

W-1a. Virtual Online Professional Development: Strategies2ReachEach
W-1. Planning for Inclusion Successes: Connecting the Standards to the Students
W-2. Embracing disABILITIES in Inclusion Classrooms
W-3. Inclusion Do’s, Don’ts & Do Betters
W-4. Inclusion Coaching: Strategies, Interventions, Collaborations and Supports
W-5. Inclusion Strategies for Middle and High School Learners
W-6. Literacy & Math Skills in Inclusion Classrooms
W-7. Differentiation of Instruction Within Inclusion Classrooms
W-8. Building on the Strengths of Students with Special Needs 
W-9. Co-Teaching with Success
W-10. Schools & Families as Inclusion Partners
W-11. Inclusion: A Way of Life
W-12. RTI Strategies for Core Instruction
W-13. RTI Strategies for an Effective Learner
W-14. From Challenge to Success for Students with ADHD & LD
W-15. Interventions for Students with Dyslexia and Other Reading Differences
W-16. Making the Standards Cool in PreK, Kindergarten, and Grades 1-2 Classrooms 
W-17. Technology Tools: An Inclusive Educator’s Friend
W-18. Professional Development: Strategies to Use Monday Morning