Inclusion Workshop W-1

Planning for Inclusion Successes: Connecting the Standards to the Students

Grade Levels: (K-5) (6-8) (9-12) (K-12) 
Length: 3 or 6 Hours 
Two—Three Day Sessions are available

Today’s core curriculum standards are intended to include and reach all students. This requires that teachers connect the content to their students in ways that allow each and every student to learn on his or her instructional level. Successful inclusion requires planning, preparation, and ongoing professionalism to stay current on the valuable and applicable things to do in your classrooms on a daily basis. Increase your knowledge about learners in inclusive classrooms with this interactive workshop through discussion, reflection, application, and documentation of effective research-based inclusion strategies. Investigate cognitive, emotional, social, behavioral, sensory, perceptual, communication, and physical characteristics of students, considering who they are and what they like, along with what and how you are teaching. Walk away with a host of strategies, professional resources, organizations, and online references that assist collaborative teams, teachers, support staff, and families to increase their inclusion competencies

Learn how to: 

  • Marry the content with the process to achieve individual student and whole class successes.
  • Apply appropriate accommodations that connect curriculum standards with students’ critical thinking skills.
  • Explore baseline, advancing, and more challenging assignments for students in K-12 inclusion classroom lessons. 


Teachers, team leaders, curriculum coordinators, staff developers, and other school personnel of students in Grades K-12. 

Recommended Workshop Resources

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