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Inclusion In The Classroom

Toby J. Karten, director of Tamka Educational Products, LLC, has spent her professional career creating innovative techniques to introduce Inclusion Strategies to the educational classroom. Her Inclusion Workshops inform and inspire scores of participants and her published books and resources compliment her teachings, offering valuable information on how to promote inclusion strategies in the classroom.

Inclusion in Education is about peers with and without disabilities learning together side-by-side in a grade-level classroom to achieve academic, social, communication, and functional skills.  It occurs when communities of learners of the same age are educated together within natural school settings.

Inclusion in Education is not a policy, place, or service, but a way for students with disabilities to have access to the general education curriculum with the appropriate planning, preparation, and participation. Inclusion education values the strengths of all learners to be accepted in classes, schools, communities, and as adults in inclusive societies.

Inclusion Workshops

Inclusion Workshops by Toby Karten are offered on-site and off-site at conferences, colleges, and invited public and private venues across the United States and to international communities.

Inclusion workshop topics include:

W-1. Planning for Inclusion Successes: Connecting the Standards to the Students

W-2. Embracing disABILITIES in Inclusion Classrooms

W-3. Inclusion Do's, Don'ts & Do Betters

To see a complete list of inclusion workshops click here.

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Advantages of Inclusion in the classroom that ALL children can benefit from:

Collaboration of school staff who plan for student successes through whole class, small group, and individual models and objectives. Increased acceptance of differences and diversity for staff, students, families, and communities.

Improvement in academics with high expectations for ALL students.

Excellent teaching strategies, resources, accommodations, inclusion interventions, and supports benefit ALL students.

Opportunities for peers to cooperatively complete assignments.

Higher motivation for students to succeed, wanting to fit in with their peers.

Maximization of communication skills.

Social and emotional benefits with peers as role models to develop character education.