Inclusion Workshop W-1A

Online Professional Development: Strategies2ReachEach

Grade Levels: K-12 
Length: 1/2 day or full day sessions 

Toby J. Karten, with TAMKA Education, has launched embedded online 
professional development (PD), Strategies2ReachEach, to assist teachers 
of students who require additional supports to learn remotely. Virtual formats 
and platforms are custom designed for PK through Grade 12 general and 
special education teachers, co-teachers, multidisciplinary teams, whole 
staff, and families through a combination of faculty and small group 
webinars, coaching sessions, video chats, and teleconferencing. As with 
Toby’s face-to-face PD, the online PD connects to teacher and student 
realities with resources and practical strategies. Learn differently but 
learn more!

Experience how to effectively value and support: 

  • Online student-staff strengths.
  • Responsive learner engagement. 
  • Data and accountability for academic, social-emotional, and behavioral skills (SDI)  delivered online.
  • Home-school communications and staff-collaboration.
  • Evidence-based strategies and inclusive online practices.


Specifically designed for special and general education teachers, administrators, instructional coaches, assistants, and related service providers who are delivering online instruction to PK-12 students. 

Recommended Workshop Resources

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