Inclusion Workshop W-18

Professional Development: Inclusion Strategies to Use Monday Morning  

Grade Level: K-12 
Length: Offered as a Webinar Series.   

Pedagogical inclusion decisions require the collaborative input and support between and among co-teachers, administrators, team members, curriculum coordinators, related service providers, grade level teachers, instructional support staff, peers, and outside community members, organizations, and families. These relationships must continually and collaboratively be strengthened throughout the school year. Professional collaboration allows the educational climate to propagate student seeds of achievement.

Experience how to effectively: 

  • Act as a team to establish inclusion norms and expectations.
  • Use data to drive the instructional decisions that improve learner skill sets. 
  • Organize school environments with the preparation and planning that includes consistent, realistic, and enthusiastic mindsets. 
  • Include high expectations of knowledge for all learners.
  • Achieve parity with increased communication and collaboration.
  • Problem solve to identify, screen, instruct, and reflect on how instructional goals connect to learner achievements. 
  • Coach and support staff to achieve high goals.
  • Establish strong and ongoing home-school communications. 


Administrators, general and special education K-12 educators and related staff providers, students, and/or families.  

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