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Inclusion Workshops

W-7. Differentiation of Instruction Within Inclusion Classrooms

Grade Levels: PK-5, 6-12
Length: 3-6 Hours

Session will highlight how to differentiate lessons with appropriate goals, methods, materials, classroom designs, and assessments. This includes scaffolding and deliveries that value UDL & UbD principles, peer support, multiple intelligences, discrete task analysis, cooperative learning, brain-based learning, technology, VAKT elements, constructivism, and self-efficacy. Set up structured inclusion classrooms that highlight students' academic acumens and social skills while offering opportunities for whole class, small group, and individual instruction.

Apply deliveries and assessments that honor the skills and potentials of diverse learners in heterogeneous classrooms with these intended objectives:

Pre service and PK-12 educators, curriculum coordinators, related staff and student teams.

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For more information about this workshop please contact Toby Karten.

W-8 Inclusion Workshop

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