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Inclusion Workshops

W-4. Inclusion Coaching: Strategies, Interventions, Collaborations and Supports

Grade Levels: K-12
Length: Multiple Day Inclusion Coaching Sessions

Inclusion interventions honor the belief that all students are capable of achieving their highest potential. The general education classroom must be organized in a way that invites this to happen. This includes implementing principles like RTI, differentiated instruction, understanding by design, universal design for learning, multiple intelligences, multisensory approaches, peer mentoring, and cooperative learning. Included with these coaching sessions is how educators walk the legislative talk with the appropriate strategies and interventions. The idea of inclusion is a wonderful one, but the reality requires that instruction continually connect to each student's unique needs. Study guide for yearlong professional learning experiences and communication/consultation with staff via webinars and email is offered. These inclusion classroom coaching sessions allow general and special educators to share student/inclusion needs, communicate co-teaching concerns, apply strategies and interventions, evaluate effectiveness, and outline future plans.

Sample Format:

First Day

Days 2-4

Days 5-7

Day 8

K-12 educators and co teaching teams.

Recommended Resources for Teams to Share (Dependent upon grade levels and site needs)
Inclusion Coaching for Collaborative Schools
IEPs & CCSS (laminated guide)
Inclusion Strategies and Interventions
Building on the Strengths of Students with Special Needs
Inclusion Lesson Plan Book for the 21st Century
Inclusion Strategies That Work for Adolescent Learners.
Laminated cards

Inclusion Activities That Work: Corwin Press Classroom Workbooks.

For more information about this workshop please contact Toby Karten.

W-5 Inclusion Workshop

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