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Inclusion Workshops

W-17. Technology Tools: An Inclusive Educator's Friend

Grade Level: K-12
Length: 3 Hours

Technology, a powerful tool in classrooms and our globe, is truly an inclusive educator’s ally!  Set up lessons that allow students to demonstrate their abilities to critically think, create, connect, and collaborate with an array that ranges from speech-text programs, interactive websites and slantboards to online visual dictionaries, virtual manipulatives, virtual field trips, and interactive web tools.  Explore savvy ways to increase students’ academic, social, and communicative skills with appropriate programs and tools for different populations of learners.  Increase your efficiency as well by embracing the technology to catapult your organization, research, and documentation.  Be a digital educational expert who uses technology to plan, instruct, assess, collaborate, and honor students’ potentials.

Experience how to effectively:

Pre service teachers, general and special education K-12 educators and staff.

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For more information about this workshop please contact Toby Karten.

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