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Inclusion Workshops

W-14. From Challenge to Success for Students with ADHD & LD (Grades 3-12)

Length: 3-6 Hours

Learn about the signs, symptoms, and interventions for students with ADHD and LD.  Proactively set up classroom environments that allow students to capitalize on their strengths to excel in academics.  Look beyond students’ labels to explore practical classroom strategies and interventions that invite students, school staff, and families to achieve successes, not frustrations.  Academic, emotional, social, and behavioral interventions will be explored, along with collaborative family approaches.

Learn how to:

General education and special education teachers across the LRE continuum, team leaders, curriculum supervisors, staff developers, and school staff and families of students in Grades K-12.

Recommended Workshop Resources
Building on the Strengths of Students with Special Needs: How to Move Beyond Disability Labels in the Classroom
Inclusion Strategies That Work! Research-Based Methods for the Classroom (3rd Ed.)
Developing Effective Learners: RTI Strategies for Student Success


For more information about this workshop please contact Toby Karten.

W-15 Inclusion Workshop

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