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Inclusion Workshop Resources Developing Effective Learners

Inclusion Workshops

W-13. RTI Strategies for an Effective Learner

Length: 3-6 Hours

This session looks at what constitutes an effective student who is primed to learn- thinking about the diverse attention levels, organizational skills, motivation, skill sets, and individual learner characteristics. Investigate how research-based interventions effectively respond to learner characteristics, whether students have a label of specific learning disability, ADHD, autism, or an emotional or behavioral disorder. Responsive interventions are outlined for students with and without IEPs.

Learn how to:

General and special education teachers, curriculum coordinators, paraprofessionals, and other school personnel of students in Grades K-12.

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Developing Effective Learners: RTI Strategies for Student Success


For more information about this workshop please contact Toby Karten.

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