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Inclusion Workshop Resources Navigating the Core Curriculum: RTI Strategies to Support Every Learner

Inclusion Workshops

W-12. RTI Strategies for Core Instruction

Length: 3-6 Hours

This session examines the core knowledge and the applicable interventions that allow this core knowledge to reach learners. Although the content is important, the instructional measures that we choose known as the process, are more important. This includes discrete task analysis of the curriculum to examine how to achieve the desired learner fluency and curriculum automaticity. Concrete, representational, and abstract engagements and multiple tiers of interventions are offered in connection to oral expression, listening comprehension, early literacy skills, reading fluency, reading comprehension, vocabulary development, written expression, mathematical computations, mathematical problem solving, and critical thinking skills across the curriculum.

Learn how to:

Teachers, team leaders, curriculum coordinators, staff developers, and other school personnel of students in Grades K-12.

Recommended Workshop Resource
Navigating the Core Curriculum: RTI Strategies to Support Every Learner


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W-13 Inclusion Workshop

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